Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What is this blog about?

The title of this blog (What is a blog?) is "Javier Yep Garcia", self explanatory enough? - Yes and No, and for some of you, visitors, this title is not even the apropriate one. No problem, just lets forget the title and read the following lines to understand what is this blog about.

This blog is first intented to me, to have my own records at hand, and this blog is secondly intended to you because you are probably going to find something interesting about me or about an item that is important to you (or your projects), because yes, I will certainly post here in this blog, about my projects, resources, tips and tricks, troubleshooting...

If for any reason such recruiting information, or just simply want to know a little more about me, professionally, then you can read this knol 'Javier Yep Garcia'

...to be continued...

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