Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twitter, Yes I am in too!

Obama is in Twitter, AlGore is in Twitter, Matt Cutts is in Twitter and now, Javier Yep Garcia is in Twitter too!
Event though Twitter is not very important when we talk SEO, because the links posted are no-follow links, Twitter is really fun and easy to get in touch with people with the same interest. Sending quality visitors to your links is assured, means, if you want to create a quality traffic to your sites, Twitter is a good tool.
Remember Twitter is a no-follow external link site, so having links to your sites will not increase your Page Ranks, but yes, they can send you quality visitors to your site. Things start working on this direction when each other starts to 'follow' someone (a member). Nice for good 'network building' .
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Javier Yep Garcia KNOL

In order to follow the google river, here is my Javier Yep Garcia KNOL
Briefly, KNOL is a place where you post to share what you know, there is a limit to your knowledge, you can post as many items as you want... to share them... with the world.
Just a little 'thinking' apart, Can KNOL help with education in the futur?, maybe yes, maybe no, I think this will depend on the quality of their members and their knowledge.

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