Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SEO Work and Conversion Rate Analysis for Improvement: 1StopMove.com

The Change of Address Form site, 1StopMove.com is currently making fine, 15% of visitors are entering the Address Change Form page and 40% of those are properly fulfilling the 5 steps form in order to have their Address Change Request submitted.
Some of the inner pages:

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The site is currently doing well enough to get around 1000 new visitors everyday, with Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines as the main traffic sources. Just taking the example for Google, 1StopMove.com is doing around positions 25 to 40 (fluctuating weekly) for the main keywords such 'Change of Address', 'Postal Service' and 'Change of Address Form'.
A strong link building process is being executed every 25 days (in my current plan)...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conversion Rate Increase Work: VMukti.com, Online Conferencing Solutions

Working with a skilled team, the new site is ready and online. (www.vmukti.com)
The analysis of the conversion rate started month ago (I mean for this new interface). The site is been SEO optimized too and giving good results as the previous site's versions we had.
Currently I am not totally convinced about the SEO results of this new interface and certainly, I am already planning the new changes.

SEO WORK: Luxury Handbags Store in San Francisco

Started working for HighHorseShop.com in order to the get the traffic increased and increase the conversion rate as well.
Right to the SEO points: I don't like the flash approach, but I think it will not harm too much the website's ranking on google because I will work around the home page, I mean I will work more about the inner pages + a link building strategy, among other seo work required.
Here are some important links of the site:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Suspended by Google?, Reported Attack Site Warning?

This situation can happen to... anyone, yes is sad to hear it, but is true, recently many sites in the world has been under attack by malware, a horse type of virus that stole login information, FTP information so it can continue spreading to other sites. The malicious script normally starts to upload from different locations to the infected site, a bunch of files (html files) and also add some lines of code in your existing files (normally in the footer of the file), then obviously, every visitor to the site will get infected and the process starts over and over again.

I have noticed this after a friend of mine contacted me few days ago asking me for help on this, because Google has blocked the site from browsing and from the search results of course. Now, I have cleaned up the site + I have changed the site to another server, Only remains the review of Google, to then take out the "Reported Attack Site" warning. (update: the site is been reviewed in less than 24 hours and is back again online, thank you google reviewers!)

Requesting the Google Review
Ok guys, logically, before make the request for site review, you must have your site cleaned up perfectly or you may loose and make loose the time of everyone, you and the google staff 'reviewers', because simply understand that everytime you request a review it will take up to 24 hours (48 sometimes) to review your site again. (While I am thinking, I have not seen yet any case of having your site permanently banned for making to much failed reviews, due to your site not been cleaned up properly, so many times.)

Proceeding to make the request, the Google Review
1- Go to your google account https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount
2- Once logged click on webmasters tools https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en
3- If your site is already added to your list of sites then you should already been viewing the warning to that site in red characters.
If your site is not yet added to your sites list, then add it by clicking Add New Site,
4- It will ask you to verify your site by inserting a meta tag (code displaying just in front of you), you must insert it anyware inside the 'head' tags
5- Once added that code, click 'Verify'
6- Now you will see the warning for that site,
7- Scroll down and click 'Request a Review'
8- Now wait up to 24 hours to see the result (normally by refreshing your site, you will see that the warning has disappeared and your site is back online!)

In my next update I will tell you how to protect yourself and others from this malware. Stay tunned!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your Business KEYWORDS and Twitter

If someone ask: What Is Twitter?,
many will say: Twitter is a messaging system and I can post whatever I want.
others will say: Twitter is a marketing tool and I post relevant information about my business.

Of course you are free to use Twitter the way you want, but...
Have you ever though about how users are searching for relevant messages they are interested in?
You know the answer!, yes it is very simple!, they use the 'search' feature that you can see in the right colunm (right menu) in the twitter interface.

Great!, now we know how users find what they are looking for in twitter.
The ball is now on your side!, You have to give the opportunity to the twitter-search-engine to show your company-messages in the search results for a given query. How to do that? - Very simple, put your KEYWORDS in your tweets, for example see the following tweets from different niches:

- SEO: 10 tips to get your site quickly indexed by google! -

- FLORIDA REAL ESTATE JOBS: looking for Agents and Lead Managers, Please apply! -

- VOIP SOFTWARE: Have you tested the vmukti.com software, is free! -

- COUNTY LEE PROPERTIES: Short sales, see the updated list of properties for sale, http://url -

and so on...

By using the above approach, you are sure that your tweets will get more exposure and will be seen not only by your current followers, but it will be seen in the search results by targetted people, so potentials buyers.

This 'search' part is important, because you must know that people are using the search box of the right column (right menu) of the twitter interface, very often.
Remember, there is an additional thing you must do when using this approach... you must tweet often, so you can ensure that your tweets will get in the first positions everytime, in the twitter-search-results page.

What you must know about using this method/approach? (twitter marketing approach)
By using this method, you are not selling directly your products, you are not even (sometimes) necessarily posting tweets with links, you are not pushing people to buy in any way.
The main and probably only purpose of this method is to Attract Targetted Audience, that's all.
I will then let you know what to do next in order to convert those 'Targetted Audience' persons into buyers. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Technorati Benefits You Can't Ignore

I have been ignoring Technorati for a year now, more less, until today, not for any special reason, maybe just because I was thinking that I don't need it, or maybe just because I was thinking that I had enough doing with what I am doing, means, facebook, twitter, blogspot... but today I think we will never have enough playing with all of the social networking and rss readers with all the kinds and flavors, including the bookmarking sites such del.icio.us

Today is my first day using Technorati, so I will keep you posted about how effective is that 'tool' in creating, generating quality traffic as I currently understand as its main fuction or benefit :)
I have found this article 'Top 10 Reasons to have a Technorati Account' that enforce my current position on this Technorati testing, you can read that article to get a quick around the thing, however I should say that the author is not really saying the Top 10 Reasons to have a Technorati account, I understand that he is just listing the process of 'How is Technorati Working from the Signup'. I will post my real test and will let you know the results in a few weeks.

Of course I give you my first Claimed Blog at Technorati

Thursday, February 26, 2009

JavierYep.com, The official website temporarily offline

As many of you already know, I am a webdeveloper, online marketing and seo expert. My main website JavierYep.com where I use to have all of my stuff, including codes, solutions, joomla tips, seo technics and even some music to listen when I work, has had a pretty good success between my humble audience (I am talking about the number of people in my audience, not the quality of my audience, ok?), lets say something like 1000 visitors per day, but the little problems started when I was receiving hundreds of emails with questions for this or that code, here and there, even though I have clearly posted a message saying that I will not respond to every message just like that. I like to share things and knowledge but nobody works for free :)

I have posted those codes, solutions and secrets just for you (developers and marketing managers) for sharing, for you to freely modify them and use them as you see fit on your sites and for your sites, not to ask me every time for this and for that, some of them have even gone in the wrong direction by using insulting words because of my no-responsive attitude, they said :)

For that main reason I put my main website, offline.
What's next? - Easy, I will rebuild my main site, differently focused.
For those, my good and honest followers, don't worry, it won't be too long for my site to be online back again!, Let me just figure out how to share the knowledge you have been seeing without beign 'disturbed' by the 'less smart' people that pushed me to this decision.

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