Thursday, February 26, 2009, The official website temporarily offline

As many of you already know, I am a webdeveloper, online marketing and seo expert. My main website where I use to have all of my stuff, including codes, solutions, joomla tips, seo technics and even some music to listen when I work, has had a pretty good success between my humble audience (I am talking about the number of people in my audience, not the quality of my audience, ok?), lets say something like 1000 visitors per day, but the little problems started when I was receiving hundreds of emails with questions for this or that code, here and there, even though I have clearly posted a message saying that I will not respond to every message just like that. I like to share things and knowledge but nobody works for free :)

I have posted those codes, solutions and secrets just for you (developers and marketing managers) for sharing, for you to freely modify them and use them as you see fit on your sites and for your sites, not to ask me every time for this and for that, some of them have even gone in the wrong direction by using insulting words because of my no-responsive attitude, they said :)

For that main reason I put my main website, offline.
What's next? - Easy, I will rebuild my main site, differently focused.
For those, my good and honest followers, don't worry, it won't be too long for my site to be online back again!, Let me just figure out how to share the knowledge you have been seeing without beign 'disturbed' by the 'less smart' people that pushed me to this decision.

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