Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Technorati Benefits You Can't Ignore

I have been ignoring Technorati for a year now, more less, until today, not for any special reason, maybe just because I was thinking that I don't need it, or maybe just because I was thinking that I had enough doing with what I am doing, means, facebook, twitter, blogspot... but today I think we will never have enough playing with all of the social networking and rss readers with all the kinds and flavors, including the bookmarking sites such del.icio.us

Today is my first day using Technorati, so I will keep you posted about how effective is that 'tool' in creating, generating quality traffic as I currently understand as its main fuction or benefit :)
I have found this article 'Top 10 Reasons to have a Technorati Account' that enforce my current position on this Technorati testing, you can read that article to get a quick around the thing, however I should say that the author is not really saying the Top 10 Reasons to have a Technorati account, I understand that he is just listing the process of 'How is Technorati Working from the Signup'. I will post my real test and will let you know the results in a few weeks.

Of course I give you my first Claimed Blog at Technorati

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James Z said...

I have six blogs I want to add to Technorati but the verification process is time consuming so I might only do one this month.

What was the results? Any additional traffic?

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