Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your Business KEYWORDS and Twitter

If someone ask: What Is Twitter?,
many will say: Twitter is a messaging system and I can post whatever I want.
others will say: Twitter is a marketing tool and I post relevant information about my business.

Of course you are free to use Twitter the way you want, but...
Have you ever though about how users are searching for relevant messages they are interested in?
You know the answer!, yes it is very simple!, they use the 'search' feature that you can see in the right colunm (right menu) in the twitter interface.

Great!, now we know how users find what they are looking for in twitter.
The ball is now on your side!, You have to give the opportunity to the twitter-search-engine to show your company-messages in the search results for a given query. How to do that? - Very simple, put your KEYWORDS in your tweets, for example see the following tweets from different niches:

- SEO: 10 tips to get your site quickly indexed by google! -

- FLORIDA REAL ESTATE JOBS: looking for Agents and Lead Managers, Please apply! -

- VOIP SOFTWARE: Have you tested the software, is free! -

- COUNTY LEE PROPERTIES: Short sales, see the updated list of properties for sale, http://url -

and so on...

By using the above approach, you are sure that your tweets will get more exposure and will be seen not only by your current followers, but it will be seen in the search results by targetted people, so potentials buyers.

This 'search' part is important, because you must know that people are using the search box of the right column (right menu) of the twitter interface, very often.
Remember, there is an additional thing you must do when using this approach... you must tweet often, so you can ensure that your tweets will get in the first positions everytime, in the twitter-search-results page.

What you must know about using this method/approach? (twitter marketing approach)
By using this method, you are not selling directly your products, you are not even (sometimes) necessarily posting tweets with links, you are not pushing people to buy in any way.
The main and probably only purpose of this method is to Attract Targetted Audience, that's all.
I will then let you know what to do next in order to convert those 'Targetted Audience' persons into buyers. Stay tuned!

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