Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Suspended by Google?, Reported Attack Site Warning?

This situation can happen to... anyone, yes is sad to hear it, but is true, recently many sites in the world has been under attack by malware, a horse type of virus that stole login information, FTP information so it can continue spreading to other sites. The malicious script normally starts to upload from different locations to the infected site, a bunch of files (html files) and also add some lines of code in your existing files (normally in the footer of the file), then obviously, every visitor to the site will get infected and the process starts over and over again.

I have noticed this after a friend of mine contacted me few days ago asking me for help on this, because Google has blocked the site from browsing and from the search results of course. Now, I have cleaned up the site + I have changed the site to another server, Only remains the review of Google, to then take out the "Reported Attack Site" warning. (update: the site is been reviewed in less than 24 hours and is back again online, thank you google reviewers!)

Requesting the Google Review
Ok guys, logically, before make the request for site review, you must have your site cleaned up perfectly or you may loose and make loose the time of everyone, you and the google staff 'reviewers', because simply understand that everytime you request a review it will take up to 24 hours (48 sometimes) to review your site again. (While I am thinking, I have not seen yet any case of having your site permanently banned for making to much failed reviews, due to your site not been cleaned up properly, so many times.)

Proceeding to make the request, the Google Review
1- Go to your google account
2- Once logged click on webmasters tools
3- If your site is already added to your list of sites then you should already been viewing the warning to that site in red characters.
If your site is not yet added to your sites list, then add it by clicking Add New Site,
4- It will ask you to verify your site by inserting a meta tag (code displaying just in front of you), you must insert it anyware inside the 'head' tags
5- Once added that code, click 'Verify'
6- Now you will see the warning for that site,
7- Scroll down and click 'Request a Review'
8- Now wait up to 24 hours to see the result (normally by refreshing your site, you will see that the warning has disappeared and your site is back online!)

In my next update I will tell you how to protect yourself and others from this malware. Stay tunned!

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