Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SEO Work and Conversion Rate Analysis for Improvement: 1StopMove.com

The Change of Address Form site, 1StopMove.com is currently making fine, 15% of visitors are entering the Address Change Form page and 40% of those are properly fulfilling the 5 steps form in order to have their Address Change Request submitted.
Some of the inner pages:

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The site is currently doing well enough to get around 1000 new visitors everyday, with Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines as the main traffic sources. Just taking the example for Google, 1StopMove.com is doing around positions 25 to 40 (fluctuating weekly) for the main keywords such 'Change of Address', 'Postal Service' and 'Change of Address Form'.
A strong link building process is being executed every 25 days (in my current plan)...

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