Monday, July 4, 2011

Pasteleria Sant Jordi, New Website.

The Pasteleria Sant Jordi in Terrassa, Barcelona, now has its website up and running!
The website is php and mysql based with the ability to translate the content into 3 languages or more. The content is dynamically inserted through an admin area with an easy to use html editor. 
A store is coming too; the company will be able to sell its products across Europe.

Here we have some direct links to the website:
Sitemap (in english)
Indice (in spanish)
Index (in catalan)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jouni Flemming Facebook Page.

Jouni Flemming is running for Parliament in Finland, Europe.
Let's paste the message from Jouni Flemming first:
"My political standpoint is classical liberalism. In other words, I believe people should be able to be free to live their lives as they wish, as long as they do not hurt anyone else.

I am a free market capitalist. That can sound nasty but it simply means that I believe that the greatest amount of prosperity and wel...l being for all people is achieved by allowing people to trade freely with each other. I believe in limited government, politicians are not our parents and should not interfere with the private life of the people. 

I also believe in low level of taxation. The less money the government can take from the people, the less there are corruption and bureaucracy within the system."
We encourage and support Jouni !
If you share his point of view, please, enter Jouni Flemming's Facebook Page and click on the "Like" button to support him.

Briefly I simply tell you that my work with his page was to bring and/or increase the number of fans. The rate of fans-getting has been around 5 - 15 fans per day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011 Revamp and Feature Upgrade.

After 10 years of great success of the first website, I have decided to give a major upgrade to the site by changing the design and adding new features, a great package which will allow visitors (students) to have a more easy access to information and the ability to enroll online; in this revamp package is also included a great set of features intended to the school staff giving them the ability to update the site and its information through an admin backend area.

The website is multi-language, french version, english version and spanish version.
Sitemaps: Spanish, English and French

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